An old output I worked on this directing a year and a half ago. In fact, i failed to produce it perfectly due to the randomness i caused 🙃 i disappoint but i learned 🗿. The food photography has it own world and knowledge and it requires more work and details, now it became a competitive field and they become with a masterpiece results with a unique and heavy required equipments. Next time i will done my own masterpiece perfectly and will never look messy and trivial. 🙃 .. هذا عمل لي من حول عام ونص ، امانه فشلت به وما قدرت اطبق الفكره الي بمخيلتي بسبب العشوائية الي سببها انا🙃 ولكن تعلمنا وزعلت🗿 ، وتصوير المؤكلات عالم ثاني ومتعب وتفاصيل .. وحالياً به تنافس وقاعدين يطلعون بنتايج رهيبه وخيال وطبعاً بمعدات ثقيله وكوالتي رهيب.. بس المره اليايه ما راح يكون العمل جي تافه🙃


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