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When we examine our lives, we see many imperfect things, like motes of dust on an old mirror. There are all kinds of things that leave us feeling dissatisfied and unhappy: our words are often different from our actions, our relationships are strained by our mistakes, our best-laid plans for the future go awry. On top of that, in the course of our lives we inflict various wounds on others, intentionally or unintentionally, causing us to feel guilt and regret. But it’s the same when we look at our family and friends. The child who doesn’t listen to what his parents tell him; your own parents who don’t understand you; your spouse who doesn’t behave reasonably. Close friends with bad health habits make you worry about their well-being. Every morning when we watch the news unfold, we see that the world is filled with yet more fighting, more accidents, more discord. It seems as though it will never end. And yet, even though we find many such imperfect things in the world we live in, we can’t help but love them. Because our lives are far too precious to be spent in ridicule and hatred of what doesn’t appeal to us, of what we don’t understand. We naturally develop more empathy and try to see things from others’ perspectives. In turn, this teaches us to accept the imperfections of others, and of ourselves, in a more grateful and compassionate way, like a mother loves her child no matter what. 📸:   @yenz  _wongso .. • • • ⛳️ Gormeteria, Bandung • • •   #throwback     #goodmood     #lessonslearnedinlife     #goodmood     #potd     #positivevibes     #instadaily     #instalike     #instagramers     #selfie     #instagramhub     #instagram     #instagood     #instamood     #vintage     #instapic     #fotd     #qotd     #work     #bandung     #gormeteria     #architecture  


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Imperfect things is what makes vintage watch more....vintage 😉🔥

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