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🦇′、。🔪 custom 1/1 castle walls windbreaker • white reflective screen print on a 2nd hand jacket with stowaway hood inside collar • ♥︎ s o l d ♥︎ should i make more custom 1/1 items next drop ?!? ;)

If you start to miss me remember i didn't walk away, you let me go


💔、🦇☆✨。🔮 sometimes B A D L U C K hits & when it hits, it hits hard. this overwhelming feeling of waves crashing over & over again when you’re just trying not to sink. it’s hard not to just give up & let the water fill your lungs. it’s important to keep trying. /// can something good come from bad luck..



🧜‍♀️、☆💧♥︎。♡♡ fresh w a t e r flows through me like the water that fell from my eyes when you said you no longer loved me // afraidofdrowning in pools shallow & deep water breathing into my lungs afraid it will consume me 💞



💐、☆。♡// s a t i s f a c t i o n just want to feel satisfied a life & love simplified to be okay with what i’ve got i just need you i don’t need a lot i’ll write into the void on the run blank letters sent to no one 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀

The Satisfied Heart


💕🌹、🔪☆☆ N E W

I Love You So Much Do'nt Play With My Heart


🔪 H2o 2019 🐬🐬 7 minute edit is now live ☆ // click the link in my bio ♥︎

Coastal Highway OCMD


🔪☆◇。 i’ve been looking at my phone too much today i’ve been looking at my phone too much lately feeling a bit disconnected from myself feeling a bit uninspired from anything i’ll blame it on anxiety i’ll blame it on the weather i don’t like how i feel i just wanna feel something real

D e e p F e e l i n g s


🌹🥀、☆。💔 themes of loneliness often keep coming back to me even when i’m not sure i feel alone alone in my head alone in my bed loneliness comes & goes it might not be such a bad thing but it’s bad how often it comes back to me

My Room (Alone In The Dark) O.o


🌹 AFRAIDOFDROWNING 2019 🌹 a 20 minute video that i’ve been working on for awhile is now live ☆ // click the link in my bio ♥︎



。🕳、L O N E L I N E S S .♡♥︎ alone / it comes in waves rainy days / feelings get made a grainy photograph we never took a open heart that fear overtook disregard temporary affection uncertain about true connection

Alone At Somewhere In This World


🥀🎄、☆ if the holiday is a hard one for you because you also do not have family to be around & you are also alone.. remember to do something nice for yourself. take a bath, make yourself something nice to eat, drink plenty of water, call a friend or visit a friend if you can. don’t let social media posts of people enjoying time with their loved ones bum you out too much. you are okay & you will get through the holiday season. message me if you’re in need of someone to talk to. i love you 💕

You Are Loved


🥀🔮。、 early morning, wake up before the sun head racing, it’s on the run thoughts drown in immediate sadness early morning, oh why does this happen

R e a l i t y ༒ Love


The end.